Nicaragua signs agreements with companies from the Republic of Belarus, strengthening ties of cooperation.

Belarus will supply machinery and technological equipment to Nicaragua, following bilateral cooperation agreements.

Nicaragua and Belarus managed to reach important cooperation agreements through the signing of memorandums of understanding with companies from the Republic of Belarus, which will supply machinery and technological equipment to the Latin American nation.

The Vice President of the Republic of Nicaragua, Rosario Murillo, highlighted: “We are closing the cycle of meetings that have been held, with the signing of memorandums with the Government of the Republic of Belarus, with the people of Belarus, and we appreciate this important visit, which culminates with cooperation agreements that have to do precisely with transportation, infrastructure and cooperation agreements between municipalities, agriculture and national defense issues.

In that sense, the vice president of the Latin American nation emphasized that “it has been agreed between the Ministry of Finance of our Nicaragua and the Development Bank of Belarus to expand the line of credit for our country, for 100 million dollars that are invested in acquiring and supply technology, acquire us, supply them technology for all these fields.”

The Presidential Advisor for the Promotion of Investments, Trade and International Cooperation, Laureano Ortega, stressed that substantial agreements have been reached for the supply of Belarusian technology machinery and equipment for the government and people of Nicaragua.

“We have reached important consensus and agreements for the supply of more than 700 pieces of equipment that will strengthen the capacities of ministries and mayors, including construction machinery, road maintenance machinery, municipal cleaning machinery, among others,” Ortega stressed.

Likewise, he highlighted that the agreements formalized with Belarus establish a historical precedent of mutually beneficial cooperation, which will allow “strengthening the capacities to care for the Nicaraguan people and bring us closer between the people of Belarus and Nicaragua.”

Trade exchange between Nicaragua and Belarus expands

For his part, the deputy head of the Administration of the President of Belarus, Alexander Egorov, highlighted the rapprochement and strengthening of strategic ties between the Republics of Nicaragua and Belarus.

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“We have had intense days of joint work and thanks to this work, we have been able to significantly expand those agreements that we reached previously, as the President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, says: “the best result of any work is to obtain that result” and today with our own eyes we are seeing that result that will be reflected in the documents to be signed,” said Egorov.

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