The “Concacaf 2024 Futsal World Cup” has started in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua, epicenter of the Futsal World Cup of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Football Confederation, Concacaf.

Nicaragua is the host of the Concacaf Futsal World Cup, for qualification to the FIFA Futsal World Cup in 2024; assigning the imposing Alexis Argüello Sports Center, in Managua, as the epicenter of the sporting event.

“Costa Rica, Panama and the United States started at the top of their respective groups at the start… of the 2024 Concacaf Futsal Championship at the Alexis Arguello Sports Center in Managua, Nicaragua,” quotes a Concacaf article.

Likewise, the website of the regional sports institution specified: “12 teams will compete between April 13 and 20, 2024, for the regional title and the four available places for the FIFA Futsal World Cup Uzbekistan 2024,” the Concacaf website cited.

Sports transformation in Nicaragua

Nicaragua shows a broad transformation in all its sports areas, during the last 17 years, due to the notable investment of the Sandinista government led by Daniel Ortega.

The Nicaraguan Sports Institute (IND), in its most recent report, highlighted that the promotion of physical recreation and physical education sports activities has consolidated an exponential increase, going from 22 events in 2007 to a total of 2,664 in 2023.

The sporting prominence in the Latin American country increased from 2,154 people in 2007 to 194 thousand in 2023, and international sporting events have also increased, with a difference from 27 events in 2007 to 271 in 2023, with the participation of 10,669 athletes.

The countries participating in the Concacaf event are distributed into three groups. In Group A, we find Costa Rica, Mexico, Suriname and Haiti, while Group B is made up of Cuba, Canada, Panama and the host, Nicaragua. Group C includes Guatemala, the United States, the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago.

The two best teams in each group, determined by the standings at the end of the group stage, will advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

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The objective of this tournament is to qualify the four best teams for the semifinals, where they will also ensure their participation in the FIFA Futsal World Cup, which will take place in Uzbekistan.

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Futsal is a variant of traditional soccer, played by teams of five members, including a goalkeeper, on a rectangular field 40 meters long by 20 meters wide. Each match is divided into two halves of 20 minutes each.